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    Celebrating Galentines Day - 10 feisty tunes to kick start any day

    Celebrating Galentines Day - 10 feisty tunes to kick start any day

    A few months back we dug into lyrical misogyny so this February we’re balancing it with empower choons. Blast these into your eardrums for a pick me up or gather your crew and sing-along

    1. We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)  - Tina Turner 1985

    Tina’s right isn’t she? We need to be the heroes of our own stories, our own fights. No more waiting in the sidelines for the knight in shining armour to save us. We’re going to save ourselves. From Tina’s husky tones flow powerful messages:

    Out of the ruins

    Out from the wreckage

    Can't make the same mistake this time

    We are the children

    The last generation

    We are the ones they left behind

    Oh and the drums in the chorus are just spectacular!

    It’s worth noting here too that Tina made her career comeback at 45 fighting ageism, sexism and racism along the way. And boy are we glad she did, with classics like What’s Love Got To Do With It? And the chilling Private Dancer.

    2. Girl on Fire (Inferno remix) - Alicia Keys 2012

    This version with Nicki Minaj has a lot more sass than the original and that opening drumbeat will have you marching before the chorus hits.

    We got our feet on the ground

    And we're burning it down

    Ohhhh oh oh oh oh

    Got our head in the clouds

    And we're not coming down

    This girl is on fire  

    3. Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves - Eurythmics 1985

    This video is just epic. Annie Lennox AND Aretha Franklin. Need we say more.

    Now this is a song

    To celebrate

    The conscious liberation

    Of the female state

    4 & 5. Independent Woman Part 1 & Survivor - Destiny’s Child 2001

    How could we just narrow it down to one! Destiny’s Child surged into our consciousness in the late 90s and introduced many of us to feminism.

    We know you know the lyrics to these.

    6. No Man Is Big Enough For My Arms - Ibeyi 2017

    Ibeyi’s album Ash has been described as “an empowering soundtrack to the elements and the fight for equality.” We’ve selected a track with Michelle Obama’s forceful words over the harmonies from these talented twin sisters.

    There’s no official video of this tune yet but here it is on Spotify

    The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls

    We create

    The smart, powerful, creative, accomplished young women

    We can fight

    I'm here because of you

    I'm here because girls like you inspire me

    H3: 7. Phenomenal woman - Laura Mvula 2016

    The unforgettable voice of Laura Mvula twinned with the inspiration of the Maya Angelou poem of the same name. Yes this tune makes our top ten.

    She battled through in every kind of tribulation

    She revelled in adventure and imagination

    She never listened to no hater, liar

    Breaking boundaries and chasing fire

    8. L7 - Shitlist

    Feeling enraged by “double agents of the patriarchy” from time to time, here’s some cathartic punk by the 90s grunge band.

    When I get mad and I get pissed

    I grab my pen and I write out a list

    Of all the people that won't be missed

    You've made my shitlist

    9. Beyoncé - ***Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - 2014

    QueenB had to appear again on this list. This time with the words of author and activist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie interweaving the song, reminding us the definition of a feminist.

    We teach girls to shrink themselves

    To make themselves smaller

    We say to girls,

    "You can have ambition

    But not too much

    You should aim to be successful

    But not too successful

    Otherwise you will threaten the man."

    10. I’ll fight - Jennifer Hudson - 2018

    All the feels with this epic anthem and soundtrack to Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired film On The Basis of Sex.

    So I'll fight, fight that war for you

    I'll fight, stand and defend you

    Take your side, that's what I'm here to do

    I'll be there to be strong

    Oh I'll keep on, keep on the fight

    Ok, now we’re pumped, sisters, let’s go! 💪🌈

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