Meet the bamboo sportswear range that feels as comfortable as a second skin. HARA was born from a vision to make clothing that is better for the environment and still feels and looks great.

With so many sportswear garments produced every year from plastic derived materials, we wanted to be a force for change in an industry that contributes so much pollution. By redesigning our production chain, materials and methods, we’ve created a range of super-soft bamboo sportswear that loves your body and the planet. 

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Light as air, easy to move in and ideal for wicking away moisture and keeping you cool while you exercise, bamboo sportswear is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look good and feel good about how their consumer choices’ impact the environment. Our entire collection is made to be inclusive, with sizes from XS to 5XL and universally flattering styles made for every body shape and type.

Our Jacky Sports Bra is lightweight and contours to your curves, without digging in or rubbing your skin. Reinforced with a soft elastic waistband and designed to be flattering and figure forming while still being silky and soft, explore our sportswear bottoms — the Peta Leggings, petite Short Peta Leggings and our ever-popular Gabi Bike Shorts. Available in a range of colours created with all-natural dyes, you can coordinate your separates in your favourite hue or mix and match for a colourful combination.

HARA — the home of sustainable, slow fashion 

Known for its very soft and gentle feel on your skin, bamboo fabric is the perfect option for exercise apparel, bras and undies. Because bamboo fabric is naturally odour resistant, antibacterial and antifungal, it’s a wonderful material for garments you wear when you’re getting your blood pumping. Whether you love hiking, yoga, pilates, or even just lounging around in comfort, you’ll love bamboo sportswear from HARA. Browse our collection of bamboo sportswear that feels as good as it looks today.

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