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    Our Story

    Ideation born in 2013, our founder Allie Cameron had embarked on a sustainable fashion journey when running her second-hand vintage store. Quickly realising the backwards, outdated processes within the fashion industry that impact our earth heavily, Allie felt a strong call to do something. 

    In 2015, whilst travelling India, Allie witnessed the heartbreaking truths that surround the fast-fashion industry. Chemical runoff, waste, pollution and unjust work conditions were just a few. Things needed to change.

    Working directly with local cotton farmers, Allie knew there was room for a clothing label that met quality standards, timeless designs and sustainable practices. In just one year, HARA took its first steps into production and the exploration of natural dyes in 2016 on the Indonesian island, Bali.

    HARA now resides in Melbourne, Australia where every process starts and finishes in the factory. From cut and sew, to dye and dispatch, each and every HARA piece is made slowly, consciously and with intention for you and our earth.