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    Washing Care

    Wash Instructions.

    Hand wash each item separately in cold water before your first wear.

    Gently use your hands and lightly rub. 

    Please keep out of direct sunlight as the UV rays will fade the natural dyes. 

    Use a natural detergent that does not contain citrus (or other acidic) oils/scents.

    Lay me down on a towel to dry.

    Please note.

    Our products are made using natural dyes.
    Colours gradually change overtime. and partial discolouration may occur. Colours may bleed and stain other clothing if the product is washed with other items or becomes damp from perspiration, rain etc.


    Wash your pieces in the shower with you using a natural shampoo. 
    Most of the dye run will happen in the first and second wash so make sure those are done separately.
    The colour hue will also soften and settle in the first few washes.